Explore Lustica Peninsula

Reaching out to form the southern headland of the Bay of Kotor, the lovely Luštica Peninsula hides secluded beaches and a dusting of idyllic villages scattered among the olive groves of its remote southern edge. This Peninsula is also hiding some lovely caves in which you can take a peek or take a swim; it is all up to you. Our top choice is the Blue Cave the largest one of many caves on peninsula. It’s called the Blue Cave because the way the light hits the sandy bottom and reflects up through the water- makes the whole cave look blue. Pack up the equipment for snorkeling; this is something you don’t want to miss! Continuing further and sending greetings to the Blue cave, swaying with the waves of the Adriatic soon you will notice a gaping hole in the surface of the lush green peninsula which opens the view on two secret beaches in Dobra Luka bay. Known also as a “local’s secret beach” Dobra Luka bay gives you a chance to get to know the real meaning of vacation paradise, surrounded by crystal blue water and green trees a place for complete relaxation and tranquility. After living this small bay of paradise let us take you to another one called Cove Bigovo, the inlet is a part of the bay Traste between Tivat and Budva shielded from the public and a real gem for divers and snorkels.
Tour duration: 9h

Following the path of the fjord

Let us take you through the bay of dreams by starting the salute to the city of flowers - charming Herceg Novi. The moment you leave the port of this city and you find yourself in the middle between the hills and the mountains you will get this filing like you are passing through a narrow hallway, where the tops of the mountains reaches the sky and just below them the picturesque fishing villages and small towns. Some people claim that there is only one silence and is not attractive at all, but we have to disagree: the SILENCE OF THE BAY gives you a sense of how some would say the HUSH at the END OF THE WORLD, silent water and the hills guarding the SEA dreams. And all of a sudden a scene like two eyes in the middle of Sea, one is dazzling and white and the other one hidden in the shadows of cypress keeping the tragic love stories- the islands Lady of the Rocks and St. George. Glancing to the islands just below the Ilija hill, a small city of Perast is saying hallo. The city of old culture rose flowers and a spirit of serenity… Not far away you will meet the city of Tivat (the youngest one in the bay) quiet as a broad river, bathed in golden sunshine. As a special treat at the end of the tour, you will meet cove Bjelila a small fishing village ideal for swimming and far away from the crowds.
Tour duration: 9h

Explore the islands, caves, coves and Submarine tunnels

This tour is a real treat for the group of 5 playing the role of explorers, starting from the Blue Cave. Take your goggles and check what is going on under the surface. Away just 20 minutes’ drive from the Cave there is an Island Lastvica or as the locals likes to call it Mamula, located between 2 peninsulas, telling scary stories from the period of Austro-Hungarian times keeping the secrets of former prisoners. Some would say it is a deserted island, but the island has its own dedicated guards a sizable group of rabbits and seagulls. Not far away from the island there is a Cove Dobrec that can be reached only by sea and the lovely restaurant serving delicious fresh fish and seafood. On the way back you will have the chance of exploring the Submarine tunnels from the Second World War. The tunnels run about 120m into the coastline and the outside of the opening is designed and covered by fake rocks so they would not be invisible to satellites or spy planes.
Tour duration: 5h

Open sea and beaches along outer part of Lustica Peninsula

Our Lady of the Rock is one of must see places in this Bay

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