Durmitor jeep safari

This is a one day excursion usually organized during the summer, between June and October.

Departures are available from Kolašin, Mojkovac and Žabljak. We start from Žabljak (at 9.30 AM) and visit the highest villages in the Balkans and see Crno Lake. After reaching the altitude of 2000m with our vehicles, we will descend down the Sušica canyon where you will see the Sušica Lake. Breakfast will be served in a traditional mountain house at 11 AM.

After breakfast continue to the Nedajno village, through the Piska Mountains, and on to the Piva plateau were we will arrive in the Trsa village. This actually takes us all the way around Durmitor where you can see tree beautiful lakes. You can also see the famous Montenegrin rock called Prutaš, and Bobotov Kuk, Durmitor’s highest peak. Next we’ll head through the plateau Sedlo and arrive at the Jezerska plateau. After the plateaus we descend back to Žabljak for lunch (around 3 PM) in a national restaurant. The lunch menu includes lamb and beef under sač, fish, soup, salad, pudding and one drink.

Bjelasica jeep safari

This is a one day arrangement and it is usually organized during the summer, between June and October. Breakfast (pork and beef ham, cheese, kajmak*, sour milk, honey and priganice*) is served in a restaurant in Kolašin at 10 AM.

Departure is at 11h. Starting from Kolašin, the road takes us through ski center Jezerine, all the way across National Park Biogradska Gora at a height of 2000 meters above sea level. From there you will be able to see the highest peaks of Bjelasica: Troglava, Zekova Glava i Crna glava* all while looking at five beautiful mountain lakes. You will also see the source of The Biogradska River. The time spent on the mountain will be used as an opportunity to collect forest fruits and herbs.From the spot called Bendovac you will see the most beautiful view of Biogradska gora (which is among two of the best known rainforests in Europe).

Further on, the road will take us through the forest down to Biogradsko lake where a lunch will be served (at approximately 3:30 PM) in the shade of hundred year old trees near the lake. The lunch menu includes lamb and beef under sač, fish, soup, salad, pudding and one drink.

Sinjajevina jeep safari

We will depart in Jeeps from Kolašin at a constant altitude of 2000 meters.

Breakfast is served in Crkvine where you can see the Morača Monastery, Morača Canyon, and the mountains of Rovci.

After breakfast we will take the Adriatic road to Mioska, Dragovića polje and Redice. From Semolj you will have an opportunity to take a look at the Morača mountain peaks: Lola, Zebalac, Kapa Moračka and Tali.

We arrive at Javorje (Bocum) Mountain where you can see the Sinjajevina villiages: Krnja Jela, and Banje. Tusinske: peaks of Durmitor (Bobotov Kuk); peaks of Sinjajevina (Jablanov vrh, Starac).

We will be passing by Katuni (small mountain villages) Vrmac, Bokvica, Bare Svrcke from where you can see villages of Morača, Albanian mountains Prokletije, Stolovi, Gradišta and Babin zub, and then we go through katun Skocno, Potrk Mandica, katun Vratlo, Jecmen do and Smrdan; further on you can see villages of the Kolašin municipality (upper and lower Lipovo), peaks of Lipovske mountains and mountain Bjelasica.

We arrive near church Ružica, go through katuni of Mojkovac and Bjelopavlići and through the village Štitarica where we go back to Adriatic road.

You will have a lunch which can be served either near Biogradsko Lake, or in a restaurant on the Tara River. It is up to you.

Vrbanj jeep safari

This tour starts from the Adriatic Coast and continues climbing up to a small Montenegrin village of Vrbanj on the mountain of Orjen (1896m). After welcome drink, we will jump into jeeps and experience driving through rocky valleys. We will visit a typical village house and you will be able to feel a different world, the world which does not belong to this century and this time. It is not set to make your tour more interesting, it is real and every day life of people who live there, so close to modern civilization but yet so far.

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