Boka experience tour

Take off from our helipad in Tivat and experience the thrill of flying between the majestic mountains of Boka Bay. This scenic tour offers you the chance to see all the major tourist attractions of the area from a unique bird’s-eye view.
Highlights: Tivat, Mamula Island, Porto Montenegro, Lady of the Rocks & St. George islands, Perast, Kotor


Adriatic Adventure

This tour visits the same sights as the Boka Experience tour but also heads further south along the dazzling Adriatic coastline past the Blue Caves, Budva and the stunning Sveti Island islet. Rise high and observe the magnificent Njegos Mausoleum at the top of Mount Lovcen.
Highlights: Tivat, Kotor, San Giovanni Fortress, Lovcen, Njegos Mausoleum, Sveti Stefan, Budva, Jaz Beach, Blue Caves, Lustica, Mamula Island, Lady of the Rocks & St. George islands, Porto Montenegro

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